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Seamless integration of business solutions


Seamless integration of business solutions for increased business connection

With MPower Connect, our clients can take advantage of truly integrated, end-to-end business solutions utilising best in class business applications within a logically connected network.

MPower Connect is the result of extensive research and development to identify and develop a ubiquitous API layer that provides near seamless integration with key business solutions.

This integration allows businesses to break down the silos commonly experienced in organisations reliant on a collection of disparate business systems and processes.

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Our clients now have access to emerging cross-sector engagement opportunities with their members and customers by increasing mobile interfaces to increase operational efficiencies and reshape customer expectations.

MPower Connect’s architecture, based on modern webservices technologies, makes these opportunities available at a more rapid pace than previously experienced.

Dedicated API Development Team to fulfil your integration requirements

MPower MSL have a dedicated API development team who are constantly adding new integrations to the MPower Connect API connector suite across a range of products across areas such as table booking, financials, functions and event management, mobile ordering, payment gateways, gaming and loyalty.

The dedicated API development team continue to develop the API’s in response to ever-growing client requirements.

For unique integrations, our API architecture allows external integrators to interact with our products on behalf of your venue.

Granular Security for Data Protection

MPower Connect’s agile design supports any number of integrations and provides granular security which can be secured by integrator, venue and web methods, so our clients can be assured that data flowing across our integrations is safe.