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Increase concession stand spend per head and avoid customer frustrations


Increase concession stand spend per head and avoid customer frustrations.

The Qjacker app enables your customers to pre-order in-venue snacks and refreshments online or using their smartphone. With Qjacker, your customers’ smartphones become POS terminals: a secure extension of your food and beverage operations.

Sports and entertainment fans pre-ordering this way typically have a higher overall spend.

For customers: Your customers avoid lengthy queues and instead collect orders from the dedicated Qjacker lane closest to their seat – so they get served faster, are more satisfied and don’t miss their event.

For venue operators and foodservice providers: Stadia and arena operators have far greater visibility of inventory and stock requirements, can deliver enhanced service, drive higher concession revenue, reduce costs and utilise staff in more targeted ways.

Buying Club

How Qjacker works

Qjacker is simple and highly effective. Leveraging existing mobile technology, it integrates seamlessly into your official venue or team app and your existing point-of-sale (POS) systems – and because it’s fully integrated with MPower MSL’s POS solutions, it’s included free to our existing customers as part of their software package.

Qjacker helps you optimise your mobile strategy by offering customers a premium experience of ordering in advance and in seat – with no venue Wi-Fi connectivity required.

Once a Qjacker solution is installed at your venue, customers simply download the app to their smartphone or desktop at www. - and order at their leisure.

The Qjacker advantage

  • Tap into latent revenue in your venue
  • Increase sales penetration and spend per head
  • Capture revenue securely in advance of an event
  • Remove customer selection and payment delays
  • Plan and deploy staff resources in smarter ways
  • Understand stock in advance – reduce waste
  • Speed up sales and customer turnover
  • Venue and staff can focus on order and inventory fulfilment – and more ‘value added’ activities
  • Interfaces with loyalty points
  • Interfaces with fan membership schemes
  • Email and promotions to users
  • Social media sign-in
  • Requires minimal capital expenditure

Qjacker – only available from MPower MSL

Long queues are one of the biggest complaints about a venue – and can have a serious impact on business returns

From a 10-minute queue – to 40 seconds from arrival to order collection

Queuing in sports and entertainment venues is often frustrating and slow, perhaps caused by insufficient terminals or staff coverage to cope with demand, plus having to deal with last-minute customer decisions to change orders or payment method.

As queues build up, and with only a restricted window to serve as many customers as possible, venue operators risk missing out on valuable revenue opportunities – as customers simply give up.

Qjacker is a better way.

Proven in time and motion studies, Qjacker enables you to optimise service and target latent revenue, removing pinch points and serving as many fans as possible in limited time windows.

In-venue studies have shown a reduction in serving times from 10 minute’s queuing – to only 40 seconds from a fan scanning their Qjacker barcode to collecting their entire order.

Increase customer spend by up to 30%

Qjacker changes how Food & Beverage, Operations and Commercial Directors look at in-venue commerce - and creates new opportunities to tap into latent revenue within your stadia, arena and entertainment venue. Qjacker drives incremental revenue through increased sales promotion and sponsorship/brand awareness on the web, app and collection lane.

With many venues simply lacking the physical space and counter length to install more POS terminals to serve latent demand, Qjacker converts your customers’ smartphones into POS terminals – helping to generate 5-10% of incremental sales for every event and 25-30% additional customer spend via smartphone pre-ordering.

Qjacker has the capability to link to charities or your team’s charitable foundation for local community investment.