MSL – Making Great Customer Experiences Even Greater

At MSL (ASX:MSL) we create the system that connects your businesses’ POS (point of sale) software to the rest of your operational software. Over the past 10 years, our systems have been transforming the sports, leisure, and hospitality sectors globally, with some of the world’s most iconic sports, entertainment companies, and PGAs relying on MSL every day. By connecting the disparate parts of your back-end software into one cohesive system, we enable our clients to make great customer experiences even greater.

MSL is built on technology developed across a suite of industries and scales, with the platforms we have acquired including; Verteda, GolfBox, InfoGenesis, Pricap, and Golf Computer Systems. This has enabled our development team to draw upon a great breadth of POS and customer experience software to create a system that provides a single view of the customer across a multitude of industries.

With a single view of the customer, MSL removes the silos that traditionally exist across the operational layer and empowers operators to perform the appropriate strategic analysis required to deliver better products and services and new levels of brand loyalty in real-time. In a complex and competitive environment, these insights optimise operations, tailor sales, and marketing strategies and provide best practice on how to positively impact the bottom line.

Our customers achieve this with MSL Connect, the industry-first collaboration platform. They can select one or more modules and increase their footprint as they develop the intentional customer experience. The open API network amplifies their technology investment as MSL partners with leading technology vendors to ensure that our customers create operational efficiencies.

MSL customers don’t just survive, they thrive. With our solutions, increased customer engagement and loyalty guarantees income growth and sustainability.