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Building the intentional customer experience
MSL is in the business of building platforms to deliver exceptional member experiences. Clubs now differentiate themselves on service delivery, where their core product is experience with the currency being member loyalty. MSL knows that experience just doesn't make for a good story. It's good business.


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MSL provides the platform to transform everyday actions into customer insights.

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How to make your club more memorable for members? Simple, put your members at the centre of your operations and give them an experience they cannot fault. It's easier said than done.

Customer experience is the new battle ground where loyalty is the most valuable commodity. The value of loyalty is that not only builds a stronger community, but it increases revenue streams, boosts engagement levels and improves member retention.

Clubs now require a platform solution that takes the everyday actions of members and processes those interactions into customer insights. Why is this platform needed? Because your customer experience is only as good as your insights. To proactively influence the experience of your members, you must be able to map out your member journey based on three filters, who is coming to your club, what do they do, why and when. Nail those, your club will then have the ability to pre-empt the experience of your members and offer a highly personalised service.

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