Revolutionise your business with Ascend

Proactively make better decisions and perform meaningful actions at the right time

Get real-time business intelligence with MSL’s Ascend. Ensuring your business and operational systems become more agile and place the customer at the centre.

Ascend is a real-time business intelligence software and data analytics platform that is helping businesses make smarter decisions and improve their products and services through real-time KPI visualisations, proactive business process management and customer demand-sensing. With MSL Ascend, your business has the tools, data and authority to make decisions in real-time, from any device, anywhere, anytime.

Ascend is trusted by venues of all shapes and sizes worldwide

MPower Ascend

Identify areas for growth, increase efficiencies, and transform business outcomes with real-time insights

With an integrated view of your business across sales and time & attendance, Ascend provides deep insights so businesses can make informed and costeffective decisions to increase customer loyalty and revenue whilst removing operational inefficiencies.

Optimised Workforce – Rapidly respond to unexpected circumstances and mobilise staff to the right location at the right time.

Improved Inventory Management – Never run short of stock again. With Ascend, you not only understand what your stock levels are but can begin to forecast accurately for the future.

360 Degree view of your customer – No matter the vertical, size or target audience, every business can benefit from learning more about who their customers are and what they want in real-time.

Create a personalised customer experience every time by having a centralised view of your customer and their preferences to create repeat business and loyalty.

Personalised Marketing – Knowing is not enough – you actually have to do something about what you know about your customers. With Ascend, you can give the marketing team immediate insights into who to target for their next campaign and how they can increase conversion rates on their offers.

Ascend sets a new standard by delivering real-time data so businesses have the insight to understand their operational health. Having this data centralised means a more proactive approach can be taken which reduces downtime and increases the bottom line.

“Ascend has helped us during major events to identify dips in sales and close locations down that are under performing, saving us time and money.”
Tier 1 Global food service and hospitality provider
“Having visibility of our labour costs and associated sales activity in real-time helped our venue managers save money on labour when sales activity was below expectation.”
Returned and Services League (RSL) Club

Using Ascend’s real-time KPI visualisations, businesses can make more successful and cost-effective decisions to strengthen their market position and drive growth.

Mobility in the palm of your hand – With the Ascend mobile app you can access real-data time insights from anywhere, any time.

Comparative data – Measure performance against comparative data to identify trends and patterns.

Smart KPIs – Recognising trends faster and with better demand-sensing capabilities, businesses can design revenue-generating actions, optimise costs and delivery timelines, and achieve a competitive edge.

Manage staff costs to sales activity – Gives users visibility of labour costs and sales in real-time through intuitive visualisations and KPIs.

Centralised security framework – Give users access to specific venues or locations using security groups.

Wizard driven connector installer – Installing Ascend’s real-time connector(s) is easy with our wizard driven installer.

Ensure your business and operational systems become more agile and place the customer at the centre of the business to deliver exceptional business value