The Company is led by an executive management team with collectively well over 100 years significant experience at large, multi-national software companies.

Craig Kinross Managing Director & CEO Craig joined MSL in 2010 and was appointed the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer in July 2012.
James Aleman Chief Operations Officer James is the Chief Operating Officer, effective November 2018. Prior to this he was the Chief Revenue Officer when he joined in March 2017.
Darren Basford Acting Chief Financial Officer Darren joined MPower MSL in January 2019, and was appointed Acting CFO in March 2019
Ashis Govind Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Ashis joined MSL in 2009 as Manager of R&D, and has been responsible for leading MSL’s technology transformation to a software as a service provider.
Sarah Crealy General Manager, Human Resources Sarah joined MSL as General Manager, Human Resources in January 2019 and is responsible for MSL's global HR Strategy.
Greg Davies General Manager Greg is responsible for the M&A activities for MSL and manages both M&A as well as Strategic Partnerships.
Andrew Ritter Company Secretary Andrew was appointed as Company Secretary on 27 March 2017, and previously held the title of CFO
Suzanne Pellizzari General Manager, Global Marketing & Corporate Affairs Suzanne joined MSL as the General Manager, Global Marketing & Corporate Affairs in August 2018
Andrew Vellnagel General Manager, Professional Services Andrew joined MSL as General Manager, Professional Services in February 2018. He is responsible for all MSL customer implementations
Jason Hold R&D Manager Jason joined MSL as R&D Manager in November 2016 to deliver MSL’s product roadmap and key customer and partner initiatives
Jon Taberner General Manager, Global Customer Support Jon joined MSL in 2016 as part of the Verteda acquisition and was appointed General Manager of Global Customer Support in October 2018
Nick Thornton General Manager, MPower Golf Nick joined MSL Solutions in May 2015 as Operations Director, and has rapidly progressed into the General Manager MPower Golf role.
Ben Curtis General Manager - Venues EMEA Ben was appointed as GM for Venues EMEA in March 2017, bringing an extensive 20-year background in sports, leisure and hospitality.