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Intuitive event management software


Intuitive event management software for meticulous planning and flawless execution - every time

Whether catering for 10 or 10,000, manage every detail of your event with a focus on operational efficiency and outstanding service.

To deliver the service your client and guests expect while ensuring efficiency and productivity for your business, your events must be planned with insight and attention to detail - then executed flawlessly. eVents500 enables you to achieve that through the following key features:

  • From experts in events, hospitality and guest service
  • Deliver more efficient, guest-focused and profitable events
  • An end-to-end solution: from first enquiry to event management and post–event feedback
  • Retain complete visibility and control of the entire process
  • Designed for single and multi-venue properties
  • Easy to use; seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Office and Outlook using familiar software
  • Automated Task Diary management speeds up communications and helps improve conversion rates
  • Online booking option available
  • Copy frequent bookings fast and seamlessly, ideal for repeat bookings, linked to fixture list



Each eVents500 installation can be configured to suit precise business, venue and event type requirements

MPower BI
MPower BI

Putting your events and conferencing team in control

You can email a quotation the moment a client call is complete: being the first venue to respond so professionally demonstrates your client focus, efficiency and responsiveness.

With every step of the process ‘calendarised’, including automatic chasing, key activities are completed at the right time ensuring you can maximise up-selling and revenue generation opportunities.

Accuracy is critical: eVents500 removes risk of double entry, automating the process so you can focus on meeting and exceeding client expectations.

Comprehensive reporting

Built on a Microsoft platform to assure stability, flexibility and familiarity, eVents500 enables you to optimise client bookings and maximise profits by, for example, tailoring documentation to include all relevant up-sell items.

It improves staff productivity and accuracy while eliminating paperwork, removing duplicate entries.

At the same time, comprehensive CRM functionality means you can build many new sales strategies and enhance existing ones – to deliver more for your clients, and more revenues for your business.