Marina Management Software

MSL Marinas has two components; Marina Management System (MMS) and the Service Yard Management System (SYMS) LEARN MORE

Marina Management Software

Marina Focus Marina Management System provides an automated approach to effectively manage Marinas, Harbours and Yacht Clubs. Using the latest programming technologies, MSL deliver a powerfully and efficient MMS to manage the marina effectively and increase revenue streams.

Marina Focus MMS automatically synchronises with other MSL solutions including Membership, Financials and Point of Sale, providing a first-rate enterprise solution for yacht clubs and marinas.

Marina Management System Key Features

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  • Quick links to current agreements
  • Boat register
  • Shows the availability to berths
  • Optimise scheduling options, controlling debtors and tracking agreement status
  • Analytics on occupancy with pricing analyses

Service Yard Management System

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Marina Focus Service Yard Management System (SYMS) has been designed to make the day-to-day management of commercial boat yards cost effective, increasing efficiency and improving overall revenue.

The SYMS has been developed and designed specifically for clients who want a solution to manage the costing, quoting, tracking and invoicing of service yards.

Service Yard Management System Key Features

  • Estimates work orders and job sheets
  • Captures actual labour and materials use
  • Creates invoices from jobs carried out
  • Export capabilities to MSL Financial and 3rd party software
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Marina Focus SYMS is an extension of Marina Focus MMS and can be purchased together with Marina Focus MMS or separately.