Collect relevant and accurate information about your members


Collecting relevant and accurate information pertaining to your members is vital to your business.

MSL's Member Management Software allows users to manage and analyse data about their members, and in turn extend promotions and rewards to guests based on their preferences and spending habits.

The MSL Member platform has highly configurable screens and search options as well as easy membership and database management, allowing you to bring together all the tools you need to efficiently run your organization.

The modular design allows users to choose functionality and features specific for their requirements to manage and analyse data about their members.

Features of MSL Membership include:
  • Point reward and redemption
  • Flexible user defined fields & Membership
  • Ledger activity for accounts
  • Interest groups, customisable reporting and search functions
  • Online accounts for drill down

MSL Membership also includes wizards for all major Admin processes, including:
  • Subscription renewal
  • Personal details
  • Membership category
  • Historical info
  • Accounts and agreements

Member Portal & CHAPP

Member Portal is the one place for patrons to connect and engage with your venue. CHAPP is the Club and Hospitality APP that takes the Member Portal mobile.

The Member Portal is designed as an extensible container to provide easy access to all the venues information and activities. It can be adapted easily to facilitate:

MPower BI
  • Digital member card, booking facilities, checking loyalty points balance
  • Spending loyalty points online, ordering food and drink from the menu, taking up special offers
  • Earning and redeeming loyalty points, shopping with buying club, updating personal details
  • Providing brand awareness, conducting surveys, delivering TCs, providing member and supplier directories.