Primo is all about today’s activity and opportunities


Primo is all about today’s activity and opportunities

Primo has been developed to deliver complete visibility and put you in control. The Primo platform brings everything together into a single portal: all venue, event or match day solutions across a business.

You can track, understand and respond to transactions, sales performance, stock activity and specific incidents in real time.

Actionable insights and improved decision-making

Easy to access from your desktop, tablet and smartphone, Primo provides ‘at a glance’ insights – making it simple to see and target key areas of interest – along with rich underlying information that you can drill-down and explore.

There is no other comparable solution on the market: Primo is unique. Developed for stadia, arena, theme parks and other leisure and entertainment venues, this is another example of MSL’s ability to create and deliver cloud based solutions on existing technology platforms that are also optimised for mobile use: tablet and smartphone.

MPower BI
MPower BI

Primo works for you

Sales performance, stock, operations and workforce: dynamic real-time insights, all in one place

  • Unique, with a fully responsive design: a truly portable system for desktop, tablet, mobile phone
  • Easy to follow: Dashboards, financial summaries, drill-down detail and much more
  • Critical Performance Measures: Heat Maps visualise hot spots for revenue, gross margin, average basket value, total guests served, and more
  • Stock Management: Low Stock Alerts to trigger action, improve the customer experience and maximise sales opportunities
  • Revenue Protection: alerts driven by inconsistency in transactional detail, indicating either training needs or possible fraud
  • Consistency: the same Dashboard style, ‘At a Glance’ and trending financial information is provided, right down to individual Sales Terminals and staff members if required

Primo is dynamic – improving the operator, user and customer experience

For the first time, a wealth of valuable information from across your business is at your disposal in real-time, and while you’re on the move: wherever you are, whenever you need it.

  • Dashboard for sales performance
  • At a Glance get key facts on sales, stock and operations
  • Financial Summary and more
  • Operator Alerts and Incident Reporting

Primo Variance

Specifically designed and developed for demanding hospitality environments, Primo variance module is a powerful stock management system that accurately records and transfers stock items, manages waste and quickly reconciles inventory for operators in real time.

  • Ensure the right stock levels at the right time, to meet demand – and avoid lost sales
  • Improve business controls and enhance sales operations
  • Increase productivity and efficiency in your kiosks
  • Improve customer service - stocking and serving the products that customers want
  • Allocate sales in real time - transfers in and out in real time
  • Allow for wastage, staff meals and other non-sales items
  • Accurately and immediately reconcile your event, shift or day