Improve staff efficiency and productivity


Improve staff efficiency and productivity while controlling and reducing costs:

In hospitality and foodservice, your labour can be one of your most valuable and costly assets.

Ensure that you get the most from your people investments by targeting resources in the right places, at the right time to ensure the most cost-efficient operations and great customer service.

Vantage offers a feature rich suite of tools that enable you to increase productivity while better controlling labour costs, allowing you to align day to day employee activities and staffing capability with customer-facing service, outlet requirements and industry best practice.

MPower BI

    Vantage gives you:

  • Personalised pay rates
  • Scheduling - Time & Attendance – Payroll in one system
  • Suitable for multiple jobs & multiple pay rates
  • Complex scheduling tool
  • Completely customisable
  • Accurate pay records (in built rules/ processes)
  • Simple payroll export
  • Employee responsibility
  • Low admin – no manual processes
  • Integration with POS
  • Business safeguarding (compliance, working time directive)
  • From experts in events, hospitality and guest service
MPower BI
MPower BI

Dynamic Labour Forecasting

Create schedules fast, confirm shifts, connect with staff at all times: get the people you need, when you need them

This powerful predictive analytics module works with large volumes of data drawn from multiple systems, predicting sales and labour requirements by comparing historical trends with current customer patterns. Vantage is able to dynamically adjust to promotions, seasonal trends, holidays, and menu changes —with managers able to fine-tune further.

Time & Attendance

90% less payroll errors using the Vantage solution for hospitality & restaurants based on customer feedback

Reduce staff wastage with time of the clock punch and allow managers to reduce manual errors and compliance risks before going to payroll, allowing them more time to focus on more strategic activities.

Utilise our Employee Self Service Kiosk with printer, enabling easy manager reporting and employee messaging, and printing employee receipts with clock-in/clock-out times, future schedules, tips and special pay.

Automated Scheduling

Fast & easy staff scheduling for restaurants –save up to £80k annually in clock-in times alone

Vantage offers a wide range of powerful business intelligence features from product mix to activity-based scheduling by job function and key performance indicators (KPIs). You can automatically create or adjust schedules that align with your budget, future customer demand, menu requirements, regulatory policies and local laws, and employee availability/skill levels.

MyVantage App

Say goodbye to no-shows with the MyVantage app, schedule essential staff at the touch of a button

An easy-to-access real-time mobile scheduling and alert management module automatically pushes information to managers for more effective decision-making and empowers employees via a multilingual web site to view their work schedules and manage availability requests remotely, from a smartphone or onsite kiosk.