Full suite solution for your venue’s music, competitions, and games

NGAGE Entertainment Bundle

NGAGE bundles common entertainment features used by venues, offering you the savings and convenience of managing all your entertainment needs in one package. You can choose from any combination of;

  • Fully licensed music & jukebox
  • Adverts
  • Raffles
  • Bingo
  • Competitions
  • Games
  • Trivia
  • Footy Tipping
  • Gaming promos
  • Bar promos

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Do you play music via a PA, TV, or Jukebox?

NGAGE Modules


MSL Games is a web based application offering a suite of interactive electronic promotional games. Each game has been specifically developed to drive revenue, decrease customer downtime and increase customer engagement across gaming, bar, bistro, membership, raffles and a variety of promotional activities.

MSL Games is POS ready, orders can trigger simple engagement on customer facing displays, encouraging patrons and members with play-to-win discounts and special offers.


We have designed and created a variety of playlists that are PPCA and royalty free to suit all moods, day or night.

Alternatively, setup the NGAGE Jukebox. This comes with a specially designed search filter that breaks down by Artist, Track and Genre, everything from 60’s classic right up to the current Top 40.

You can also give function customers the ability to control their own music without affecting other areas in the venue. This system uses a simple touch-screen panel that can be mounted to the wall or be kept free standing.


Entertain your players with our fun & easy to use interactive touchscreen games. With the flexibility of taking the game directly to your customer, it will minimize customer down time & increase their spend. Win Win!


Digital Advertising within the venue is a fantastic way to generate ticket sales to special events.

Adverts can include sound, video, use scrolling text banners, be 3 Way Advertising (music video, advertisement AND banner), and be deleted in sensitive locations.